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Keep Junk Out?

Updated: Jun 12

Our tagline reads, "Keep Grease In. Keep Junk Out." Indeed, U-joint grease deposits are a pain.. However, heavy truck operators who work in Agriculture, Aggregates & Solid Waste also want to prevent debris from getting into u-joints, which is a cause of very expensive damage. Our friends at Chambersburg Waste Paper (CWP) in Chambersburg, PA shared this image with us. CWP's fleet works in landfills daily & as you can see, foreign object damage (FOD) can be a major problem. In this case, a twine ball is so big & wrapped so tightly that it has shifted the carrier bearing mount. CWP is now testing Protector U-Joint covers & we've received inquiries from others in Agriculture, Aggregates & Solid Waste about Keeping Junk Out of their u-joints to reduce damage to bearings and pinion seals. Do you have experience with junk getting wrapped up in a u-joint? Tell us in the comments below..

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