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Heavy trucks are equipped according to intended use, so dimensions vary. To make part selection easy, Protectors are separated into kits covering (A) Standard or X-Large U-Joints (B) Driveshaft, Slip-Yoke and Yoke-Shaft diameters.

You need to know:

  • U-joint series in your truck.

  • Approximate shaft diameter at the mount location

Protector U-Joint Covers are designed for simple installation, trouble-free use and easy service of the driveline with covers in place.

Ever heard someone say; "don't use greaseable u-joints, they break".. ? Most likely, the u-joints were 'clocked' incorrectly. Here's a visual guide to help.

Some of the car Jeep & light truck Protector U-Joint Covers are specific to a U-Joint series. Here's a handy reference chart to determine what you have.

Steps to getting the right Protector U-Joint Cover for any U-Joint location in your driveline.

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