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Keep grease in. Keep junk out.

Keep it Clean, Protect it from Damage

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  • Greaseable or "serviceable" U-Joints are a necessity in heavy trucks especially in harsh conditions. Older stuff like my '76 Ford 4x4, and many custom drivelines for off-roading & hot-rods also have serviceable U-Joints.

  • During normal operation serviceable u-joints leave a swath of lubricating grease on the vehicle and the roadway below.

  • Truck operators who like their stuff clean have to scrub off the sticky mess (steam cleaning can damage paint & aluminum tanks) and car enthusiasts have to wipe the grease from painted floor pans and frames.

  • Truckers working in landfills, aggregate pits, farmers and off-roaders have different priorities. Reducing damage to u-joints, carrier bearings & pinion seals by keeping debris, rocks & brush out of the u-joint / yoke area.


A completely new, patented product to stop grease build-up on the undercarriage, reduce grease on roadways and protect U-Joints from foreign object damage.


  • Protector U-Joint Covers are inexpensive, selection is easy, and installation is quick. Each cover takes only about 10 minutes to install with the driveline fully assembled on the vehicle. No drilling or fabrication is needed.

  • The concept is simple, Protector U-Joint Covers are placed over the driveline resting on firm elastomeric mount pads sized to fit and 'grip' the mounting surface, held tightly in place by captive socket head caps screws and threaded inserts.


  • Because each cover is 2 halves from the same tool, every Protector U-Joint Cover is balancedMade of ABS plastic, they're lightweight but tough enough to survive on the bottom side of a working truck.

  • Each Protector U-Joint Cover carries a no-questions-asked, One-Year Money Back Guarantee.

You have to grease your U-Joints, and now you can avoid the mess! There is a Protector U-Joint Cover for every position in your driveline. Check 'em out here.

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Drive Shaft Mounted U-Joint Cover
Slip-Yoke Mounted U-Joint Cover
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