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Protector U-Joint Cover kit for X-Large (1760, 1810, RPL25) H-D Truck U-Joint on yoke shaft. Kit includes cover, fasteners and 4 sets of mounting pads for installation on yoke-shafts with outside diameters from 2.062" to 2.500"

Yoke-Shaft Mounted Kit for X-Large H-D Truck U-Joints

SKU: 8625YSK
  • Components Included Component P/N Quantity
    8.625 I.D. Slip-Shaft Cover 8630SS 2
    Elastomeric Mount Pad for 2.062" Dia S/S 2062PD 4
    Elastomeric Mount Pad for 2.125" Dia S/S 2125PD 4
    Elastomeric Mount Pad for 2.250" Dia S/S 2250PD 4
    Elastomeric Mount Pad for 2.500" Dia S/S 2500PD 4
    M5-0.8 x 20mm Socket Head (hex drive) Screws   10
    M5-0.8 Threaded Inserts   10
  • For all heavy truck part numbers:

    Step 1. Measure mounting surface diameter using deep-jaw calipers, a diameter tape measure (Stanley p/n 33-115 works well) or measure the circumference and divide by Pi (3.1417).

    Step 2. Select the corresponding packet of 4 mounting-pads, the interchangeable pads are numbered to match the driveline diameters covered in the kit. Example: 4590PD fits 4.590” diameter.

    Step 3. Affix the 4 mounting pads over the 2 attachment bars in each of the cover halves.

    Step 4. Place the cover halves over the drive line, rotate as needed to accommodate balancing weights. A zip-tie is included to hold the cover in place (cut it off & discard once screws are tightened).

    Step 5. Using a 4mm hex (Allen) driver, tighten the 12ea. M5 x 0.8 captive socket head screws. There is no need to overtighten, snug the fasteners as you would on any other lightweight cover.

    * When installed properly, the cover will not move on the mounting surface. Using reasonable force on the open bell, if movement is visible at the mount area, switch-out 2 opposing pads (for balance) to the next smaller diameter.

    To access grease fittings facing driveshaft with cover in-place

    Step 1. Looking into the open end of the cover, visually align and mark a spot above and in-line with the zerk, on the sloping section of the cover.

    Step 2. Using a 15.75mm or 5/8” diameter drill bit on slow speed, drill an access hole on the marked spot.

    Step 3. Place the provided 5/8” diameter plug(s) into the access hole(s) in the cover.

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